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medical issues...kind of long..sorry

Have any of you ladies been experiencing any medical issues since having your little ones?? While I was pregnant I was getting a pain in my upper abdominal pain. While I was pregnant my doctors had said that it might have been heartburn, then it may have been braxton hicks contractions (sorry about spelling). Then I had my little one January 7th. I was still getting the pain, so 4 weeks after having her, I went to the ER because the pain was so bad. It ended up being my appendix, so I had surgery to remove it. Once I was healed from that, I have still been getting the pain. So I've been seeing doctors throughout this whole thing. I had to go to the ER once again on Easter because the pain was unbearable again. It turns out it's my gallbladder. I have a lot of gallstones. I'm going to have to have surgery again. So I guess my ultimate question is, have any of you ladies been going through anything like this?? Or any type of medical issues since having your babies?? I've been dealing with all of this, taking care of my little girl, and a very stressful class. I guess I'm just looking for some stories. It's really bugging me. Thanks for any help ladies.
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Re: medical issues...kind of long..sorry

  • It's nothing compared to what you are dealing with but I will be having surgery next month to remove an ovarian cyst that's 9 cm in diameter.  Never had any issues before being pregnant and they only found it b/c of some scary bleeding during pregnan
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  • From what I know, it's not uncommon for pregnancy to cause gallstones because of elevated hormones.  One of the nurses told me while I was in the hospital right after delivery that it's important to stick to a low fat, high fiber diet for at least 6
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  • No, but oddly enough DH had his appendix removed 4 weeks after DS was born. The 4 weeks after DD was born he had his gall bladder removed. He thinks the kids jinxed him :-)
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  • Yep! I had to have a d and c at seven weeks pp due to retained placenta, thenmy gallbladder out at nine weeks pp. I'm falling apart! Lol
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  • my blood pressure has yet to stabilize.  I am concerned because heart disease runs in my family.  Before my twin pregnancy I never had problems  with high blood pressure.  now I am concerned.  I also have been getting abdominal pa
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  • not since my baby, however I have had my gallbladder out. It was no big thing. It was done laparoscopically and I was only in the hospital 2 days. Compared to other surgeries, it is pretty minor. I am sure it will feel better to have it out
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  • I had several attacks like you described since 5 weeks PP. Two of those were so painful that I ended up in the ER. Both times the ER attending stated that it was bad acid reflux (never had in my life). When I followed up with my family doctor, I asked

  • I was extremely sick during my pregnancy with morning sickness that kept me in bed most of the time.  I was told that I had pre-existing hypertension, which measurements taken in other offices pre and post pregnancy do not really support.  I had
  • Nothing as serious as what you are going through, but I've developed all sorts of new allergies. I had an anaphylactic reaction to the betacaine they used on the patch for my epidural. I now have all sorts of contact allergies including all adhesives, the
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