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Shaking/vibrating stomach

37w3d today. I'm sitting on the couch and my stomach shook or vibrated 3 times, each time lasting about 5 seconds. This has never happened. I also feel extremely sick, like I'm going to throw up any second. Is this normal movement?
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Re: Shaking/vibrating stomach

  • It happened to me last night. It took me a minute to figure out what it was! I was nauseous too but it wasn't just from that. He was having all kinds of crazy movement that finally just made me sick. He was just thrashing around in there for awhile. The v
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  • My belly did that too. Now I'm pretty sure it was him shaking his leg. He did it a lot the first couple of days. It was a really fast leg shake, kind of like when a dog gets scratched in his sweet spot.




  • That's odd. At this point the babies are pretty much squished in our uterus'. Maybe when they move a little bit everything moves because the lack of space.
  • I've had belly vibration off and on since I've been able to feel the baby move... At first I freaked out and thought he was having a seizure, which really amused my ob when I told her about it. But, she said more likely that he got his foot caught on the
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