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I think my breasts shrunk

They have been xxl for me and VERY tender and this morning I think they are back down to a "normal" pre-AF size for me.  Bigger than before O, but smaller than pregnant.  I know it is normal for symptoms to come and go, but this has me worried.

Anyone else notice breast changes like this and it be ok?


No spotting, I'm on prometrium 200mg 2x a day, so I don't know if I would anyway.  My 10w4d m/c was a missed m/c.  We had an u/s in the 8th week, baby measured 6w6d no hb but my dr was convinced I was just earlier than I thought.  nothing happened for 3 weeks before I started spotting. But I remember waking up around 9 1/2 weeks and my breasts were completely normal in size and not at all sore.  We were on vacation a few hundred miles from home and of course my book said that your symptoms can start to disappear closer to the 2nd tri.  I thought it was too early, but then I thought, hey why not?  Also I never had m/s with that one.  This one I was nauseated all day every day until I took Zofran mon night, tues and wed and stopped wed.  The nausea hasn't been as bad since.  

We saw the hb at 6w2d, but that was ten days ago.  I don't see my dr until Fri next week, but the nurse said of course to call or go to the ER if any bleeding.

Sorry for the ramble.  I don't know what my question really was.  Just scared.  DBF is out of town/half way across the country (literally) until late tomorrow night. 

Re: I think my breasts shrunk

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