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Creating a will

I know its a morbid thought but for us its up there with college savings funds and any other important decision. We are having a hard time deciding who we would leave Mr. C with if, God forbid, something happened to us. 

Has anyone creating one yet? Did you use a website online to create it or did you have an attorney create one?  

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Re: Creating a will

  • I know where your coming from! I have been on DH about it since we had dd. we know who we would want to take her but we haven't been able to create the will. I don't even know where to start without it costing an arm and a leg. One thing we did do before



  • Yea the life insurance was easy. Deciding who to leave your child with is not. Sigh, we go back and forth about it a lot. I have 5 siblings DH only has one brother and we are DEF not leaving Mr. C with him and his wife. I would like to leave him with o

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  • We've been talking about it since before she was born but we keep forgetting. We really should asap, thanks for the reminder.
  • My uncle is an attorney. I work with him a few days a month so he helped me put together everything. We have simple "I love you" wills - I leave everything to DH and he leaves everything to me. If something (god forbid) happened to both of us we chose

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  • image 2013mommy:

     We also have durable powers of attorney, health care proxies and an irrevocable trust. 

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  • It really depends on your assets and plans whether you can do one online. DH is an attorney and he set it up where money goes into a trust for the kids. That way...if I die and evil stepmom came into the picture, and they got divorced or if DH died, she c
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  • We made one before she was born. It was rough to have to think about but we wanted everything planned out in case something happened to us. Picking her guardians was the hardest part. We went back and forth on that for months.
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  • I don't even want to think about something happening to us, but I know it is something that we need to plan for just in case.  DH already has a will because he is a firefighter.  We definitely need to get something in writing, I know that I woul

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  • Crap, am I the only one who hasn't thought of this?!

    I think DH and I will be having another convo tonight. It's tough to think about but I know it needs to be done. DH has 2 brothers, one is a druggie and the other one is in Mexico, I have a br

  • Dh and I are both attorneys and still had an attorney do ours. It's worth it to be sure it's done right.

    We also set up a trust which our assetsroll into .

    Also everyone should have life insurance just in case
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