A little anxious about breastfeeding

So I am a FTM and I have had a few friends have babies recently as well. So far I have not known one person who has had a positive experience breastfeeding! Im not trying to be negative, I understand it is hard, but has anyone had any positive experiences with breastfeeding?  Is it always difficult? Can I really expect to be crying in the middle of the night with sore bleeding nipples? Im trying to get "pumped" (lol) about breastfeeding and need some encouraging stories here!
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Re: A little anxious about breastfeeding

  • I am not going to lie - breastfeeding was not easy for us at first. We struggled w/ a lazy eater and slow weight gain, and I did have some nipple pain as I was trying to transition her back to the breast after having to introduce a bottle early. 

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  • I've had a great and very easy experience breastfeeding.  My son was a lazy eater in the hospital, so he had to be guided to the breast, but once he was there he latched perfectly right away, so no sore nipple/pain/bleeding etc.  Our biggest

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  • I'm not going to sugar coat it - the first three-six weeks are the hardest.  They are tough to get through and you will probably find yourself crying about it at least once, if not more.  It is very painful, especially if your baby doesn't have
  • Not everyone is as lucky, but I had a great experience both times.  BF DD until 20.5 months and hope to do the same for DS.  My nipples were sore in the beginning, I used to just clench my toes when they latched, but that goes away pretty qui

  • My daughter is 3 months old and I have not had any major problems so far. I was really sore the first few weeks. I walked around without a top on for the first week I think. Stock up on lanolin cream and I highly recommend soothies pads. That helped with
  • I have had a great experience breastfeeding so far. My little guy latched on like a champ within minutes of trying at the hospital and then didn't want to stop. Only one of my nipples got sore those first few days, but nothing to cry over. Almost three

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  • It can be really hard for a lot f people, but for me, it wasn't. I had an emergency c/s and was asleep the first 2 1/2 hours of his life, but when they brought him to me in recovery, he still latched on beautifully - he was actually hungry and sucking

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  • Other than overwhelming fatigue, which you would have if you were bottle feeding as well, we have had a wonderful experience! Things got a lot easier after 6 to 8 weeks as sleeping improved and growth spurts stopped being right on top of one another. No

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  • Is there a La Leche League chapter in your area? If there is, start going to meetings now! You'll have that support system already in place once your LO arrives.
    BF was difficult for us for the first couple of weeks, but since then it's been great.
  • No problems here! I started going to la leche league meetings when I was pregnant- more to meet other moms than anything else- and it was good to hear all the things that could possibly happen so I didn't have unreasonable expectations. BUT I haven't h

  • I don't want to lie either: the first four weeks were really difficult. DS was a lazy eater and had poor weight gain, and I had a hard time getting him latched on. I was determined to BF and so put myself through a hellacious schedule of nursing, pumpi

  • Breastfeeding is the most painful experience of my life! But there's a reason I keep at it through the horrorfilm torture: priceless bonding experience with my baby. It's all worth it!: the biopsies, the fevers, the bleeding, the constant pain. It's all w
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    I would not have nursed for 22 and 29 months if it were horrible,

    and I would not be helping new moms with breastfeeding issues 12 years later if it were perfectly easy for everyone to breastfeed.


    Go into it expecting pai


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  • We had some latching issues and needed a nipple shield for five months. Although I think my nipples were a bit protected by the shield, I was really worried about my supply and if dd was eating enough. There were a few nights where I cried when she fell
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  • For me, BF did hurt for the first few weeks, but I just kept reminding myself it was worth it. The pain never made me consider quitting. And I had a little oversupply and fast letdown at first, so I had to wear nursing pads for the first four months and a

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    I'm not going to sugar coat it - the first three-six weeks are the hardest.  They are tough to get through an
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  • For me breastfeeding was pure hell for the first 3 months.  I stuck it out because I am stubborn and I was not going to give up.  DD is 13 months old now and we are still going strong breastfeeding.  I absolutely love the bond we have an

  • I had a great experience nursing both times. DD and DS both latched easily, fed well, and gained weight. I've had the normal nipple soreness, a clogged duct here and there, but overall it has been easy. I know many people struggle but there are also succe
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