I just got shamed!

So I am in Target, minding my own business, when a middle aged man walks up to me and says "You really shouldn't do that." Cue my uber confused expression as he continues with "It is bad for your twins development for you to dress them alike. They are going to grow up to hate you." And then he walked away. I must have stood there for a full minute trying to figure out wtf just happened. And then I bought them two more ID dresses.

I get that as my girls get older, they will not want to dress alike. As soon as they start to express a desire to wear non matching outfits, then they can...but until then, I see it as my reward for double the screaming, double the bodily fluids, double the sleep deprivation. And frankly, I do the dmn laundry, and I dress them! I will dress them as I please. And if two adorable gingham smocked rompers are offensive to that man...his life must really stink!!
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Re: I just got shamed!

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