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Random Friday DH chuckle...

When we were engaged DH and I were playing tennis.  I fell on my ankle and came as close to breaking it as I could without actually breaking it.  While I was screaming and crying in pain DH was running around the court like a chicken with his head cut off putting tennis balls back into the case while a stranger walking by was putting his water bottle on my ankle, etc.  When we got to the hospital he tried to carry me into the emergency room and the guys by the door yelled at him and told him to wait and put my in a wheel chair.  Poor DH was so flustered throughout the whole thing.  Since then it has been an ongoing joke that when we got pregnant and I went into labor he wouldn't know what to do with himself so we would have to have practice drills so he wasn't so flustered (to add to it he is a deep sleeper and is even MORE flustered when he is woken up from a deep sleep).  Well, last night I was woken up by a horrible leg cramp and yelled "Ow!", DH immediately popped up "What!?  Is it time?  Do we need to go to the hospital!?"  Mind you, I am 33 weeks.  It told him no, that it was just a leg cramp and his response was "See my reaction time!  I was all ready to get up and go!"  He was so proud of was really sweet.  I have been chuckling about it all day.

 How do you think your DH's will be under labor pressure?

Re: Random Friday DH chuckle...

  • Thank god we have RCS, last night though I was so i comfortable and nothing I did could fix it. He kept asking if we should wake the girls up and go to the hospital.
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  • Love it! That totally made me LOL!
  • lol... I could totally imagine his reaction in my head! too funny.


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  • Too funny. DH is great under pressure... as long as there's no blood or needles involved. He'll be great getting me to the hospital, but I'm afraid he's going to be useless when it comes time to deliver. He'll probably pass out and hit his head and then w
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  • My husband is so chill and easy going i don't think I have ever seen him flustered. When we were out on our side by side last spring going into the mountains with friends we got super stuck in a huge water hole. I tried to jump across, but my boot caught

  • When we got to the hospital with DS, Hubby was so excited that he followed the nurse down the hall, completely leaving me behind! The man had a bounce in his step! There I was, with a boppy under one arm and rolling a small suitcase down the hall. Our fam
  • Aww your DH is so cute.  That made me laugh.

    I had an emergency at 14 weeks and DH was a ROCK.  I think he'll be really level headed and calm when I go into labor.

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  • Bless him, that's funny. My DH is ex Royal Navy and is fantastic under pressure so I'm hoping he'll be good during labour. He's naturally calm even in disastrous situations. He also likes to know the far end of a fart so he will make sure that everything
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    When we got to the hospital with DS, Hubby was so excited that he followed the nurse down the hall, completely leaving
  • pnutgpnutg
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    Cute story. My DH is a wuss when it comes to hospitals, blood, anything gross, etc. I just keep threatening him and telling him if hes not supportive during labor and delivery I'm going to call my mom in.
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  • Haha I love it!! Cute that he was all proud of himself! 

    My DH faints easily in hospitals... He has a nephew who had multiple open heart surgeries as a child, and I think that has scared him. The other day we went for our hospital tour, and

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