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Preschool WWSAHMD?

I'm trying to figure out how to keep this brief yet complete with necessary info. Part vent, part WWYD?

I posted 2 weeks ago that DD's teacher resigned and that I had an inkling that a particular parent might have something to do with it. The new teacher started this week and she's fine, a bit too bubbly for me, but whatever. Last week was spring break.

DD had a stomach ache all last week and started having accidents during the day and a few at night. Of course, it could be totally unrelated but it seems possible she could be feeling stressed or anxious. Who knows, she is unable to tell me why.

Before Easter the former teacher sent an email to the parents and one to the students, basically saying this was a hard decision, the kids are awesome and not part of the reason, etc. Well, someone must have been upset and told the director who sent us home with a letter today that says her letter doesn't represent the school, it was inaccurate, and that all questions or concerns should be addressed to the new teacher or the director. 

Is that the school just covering itself? I'm frustrated greatly by the whole situation. I feel like we don't know the whole story, but I'm not sure if it is our business anyway. I can't help but think that this parent complained so much that the teacher couldn't deal with it anymore. And now she's still complaining after she is gone. 

I'm trying to draft an email to the director - but I'm not even sure what I can accomplish beyond making my voice heard, too.


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Re: Preschool WWSAHMD?

  • I would ask what happened.  I would just mention there are a lot of rumors and you just want to get the full story, since you really liked the other teacher.  

    If they are going to come out and distance themselves from her version, and

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  • If the director said to ask him/her questions, then you should do that. They opened that door so I don't think there's anything wrong with it. In your initial email, I would keep it about the teacher leaving and ask why, not saying anything about the comp
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  • I knew I would forget something in  my efforts to be concise. I spoke with the director the day I found out the first teacher resigned. I asked why and was not given answer beyond it was her choice and it was personnel issue so that was about all

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  • Maybe the teacher moved to a different school? I have been a preschool teacher and have resigned to go to a better school with better pay and more in line with my philosophies. Most teachers sign a document saying they will not divulge that kind of inform
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  • I think you should definitely ask for the whole story, but realize that they are probably just going to give you the "official" answer. Frankly, it would be unprofessional of them to disclose too much. But again, it can't hurt to ask.


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  • As a teacher for the previous five years before staying at home I know that if you as a parent just ask they will give you the polite blanket statement. I would suggest to make an appointment with the director and give the purpose of your meeting to be he


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