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Constant contraction?

For the past week I've noticed that when I go out for a walk I feel a consistent tightness that does not fade or relax like a normal BH.  Yesterday I went for an hour and a half long walk and for about 30-40 minutes my whole belly felt incredibly tight and near the end I was starting to find it hard to breath and had to stop walking.  I'm staying very hydrated, so I guess I'm wondering if this is common or if any of you other moms have experienced something similar.  I'm thinking that if it happens again on today's walk I'm going to go in to L/D just because I'm concerned about the potential stress it's causing my LO. 
When I looked it up online it said it could be caused by anything ranging from low amniotic fluid to an "irritable uterus".  Any thoughts?  TIA.



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