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Breeched Baby

I'm 37 weeks today and my baby boy is still head up. He?s actually been in the same position my whole pregnancy and his growth scan showed that he was measuring long just like his daddy! We had to schedule my c-section for April 24th. I've been working with a chiropractor for the last 2 weeks who specializes in the Webster's method and I have an appointment with an acupuncturist next week who also works on turning breeched babies. I'm trying to accept that he may not turn, but it's hard not to feel disappointed. I won't be able to hold my baby right away and my DH will miss the opportunity to cut his umbilical cord. I know the main focus is having a healthy baby boy, but I'm scared of surgery and recovery! Does anyone else have a breeched baby or has anyone else had a c-section due to their baby being breeched? I think I need time to accept this change in his birth plan, but could use any advise or support. Thanks!

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Re: Breeched Baby

  • My twin A was breech. I had a c section. DH was able to cut cords so if ask about that. Honestly, I loved having a c section. Just get up and walk as soon as you are allowed to. I felt like my normal self at about 2 weeks pp. Also, they will bring you the
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  • My baby is breech and big as well. C-section is scheduled for Wednesday, and I see my OB on Tuesday for another ultrasound to see if baby has flipped. We tried some different positions to get baby to move, but since he or she is measuring big, I think bab
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  • My baby is transverse, and we're going to try an external version on Tuesday when I'm 37 weeks to see if we can get baby to flip. I've also been doing Webster, and spinning babies stuff, but it feels like baby is still in the same position. If baby doe

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  • Thanks ladies. I know that lots of women get c-sections, but it?s nice to share my concerns with you! Jordyn I?m definitely going to ask my dr. about DH cutting the cord. I think that?s a special experience that I would love for him to have although I?

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  • I had a c-section due to my DS being frank breech.  He was in the same exact position with his head stuck under my rib the entire pregnancy and I tried all of the natural techniques to get him to turn and nothing worked.  I did lots of resear

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  • I'm 36w1d with a breech baby, she's been breech for most of my pregnancy. I've tried inversions and exercises, and the Webster technique with a chiro. I have an ultrasound on Monday to confirm position and possibly discuss doing an ECV, though I'm not eve
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  • 39 weeks and baby is currently (finally) head down, BUT is floating very high and not engaged in my pelvis at all. OB is concerned that LO might flip or at least turn side ways. Since this is my 3rd my OB will allow me to deliver vaginally even if LO is b
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  • My baby isn't breech, but my midwife told me they can turn at any time - even during labor!  It gets more crowded in there the further along you are, but still possible.  So if you have your heart set on a vaginal birth, I would try to schedu

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