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Newborn Sweat?

Hey everyone,

Last night I woke up to check in on LO, and his back was covered in sweat! It has dampened the blanket also. I picked him up and felt him, and he did not seem overly warm to me - in fact he seemed a little cold. I took his temp under his arm and it was 96.2. (I was always told to add a degree when taking underarm temp- so 97.2)

I put him in dry clothes and lightly swaddled him.  I retook his temp after cuddling for half hour and the temp rose to 96.6. Then I put him back to bed.

I checked in on him again, and he had sweat on his back. I don't think he is overheating? 

Anyone else have experience with this?  

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Re: Newborn Sweat?

  • Did you maybe have a diaper pee leak? 

  • Mine was doing the same thing. I read that it's just a matter of them learning to regulate their temperature. I started putting him in cooler clothes and not putting blankets on him. He doesn't like to be swaddled anyway. He's done much better since t
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  • I'm going to say pee leak.  My boy leaks up around the top of his leg, which runs down his back when he sleeps.  Has happened a couple of times.

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  • Yep, I'm going with pee leak too. My little boy does it all the time and I wondered if it was sweat at first too

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  • My lo does the same thing. He has a tendency to be active in his crib, moving his arms and kegs around a lot which I attribute to his sweating. I asked the pediatrician and she said that if he has a fever, does it constantly, or sweats while he eats then
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  • My little girl sweats like crazy in her sleep. I've also checked her temp a time or two and have a room thermometer in her nursery also. Doc says its normal and eventually her brain will learn to regulate its temp. Until then just make sure you're not ove
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