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Putting baby in their own room

So I'm thinking I may want to start putting LO in his own room since he sleeps so loud but I'm personally having an attachment issue with him being in another room than us when he's oh so tiny! What if he chokes or is lonely or I don't hear him? Is this ridiculous to worry about ? I also just want to make sure I do it before HE gets attached to being in our room and we can never have our adult space but he I am being attached lol. 

 Any advice? When did you start putting LO in their own room, how did it work for you? Did you feel conflicted at all ?  

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Re: Putting baby in their own room

  • I think it's completely normal to feel that way.  We put DS in his crib in his own room at 5 weeks and I'm sure we'll do the same with DD if things continue the way they are going.  I felt like he was SO far away from us when in reality he was i
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  • DS1 went in his room at 2 months because he outgrew the newborn napper he was sleeping in in our room.  

    DS2 will probably go in his own a bit before DS1 did only because he's huge and is almost too big for the newborn napper now.  &nbs

  • I am in the same boat as you.  DS is 4.5 weeks and am thinking about moving him to his own room.  I think it will be harder on me than him .
  • I've been wanting to put DS in his own room for the same reasons, but I'm terrified he's gonna stop breathing since I can't just look over at him. I found something called a Snuza though that clips on his diaper and monitors his breathing and sounds an al
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  • We put DD in her own room at 5 weeks. It worked really well- she actually STTN for the first time in her crib (although it was also the first time we swaddled her at bedtime, and I think that probably had more to do with it).

    I was very anxious

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  • Ds slept in his own room from day 2. We just cranked his monitor so I could hear him breathe if I wanted to.
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  • I'm actually going to try this tonight.  

  • I kept DD1 with me for 6 months and it was so hard to put her in her own room. I missed her so much. With DD2, I think we waited about 6 weeks. She STTN for the first time that night. We'll probably do the same with this little guy.

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  • We put my son in his own room at 4 weeks. It was sort of an accident - my husband put him in there one night for a minute while he got everything ready to change and swaddle him - and he fell asleep in there. So my husband left him in there and said let's
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  • Totally normal feeling. We moved DD to her room when she was about 5 weeks. She was so noisy. We gave up in the middle of the night one night and put her in there and then just started out the night there afterwards. It is great for all of us regarding sl
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  • Yep.. Normal.

    DS2 was sleeping great in the rock and play but I was paranoid and wanted him on the angel care monitor [i don't like the snuza]. I also didn't want to wait too long where the transition would be hard so we moved him last weeke


  • DS has been in his own room since day 1. We have never had space in our room for a napper or crib or PNP... And we always aimed to establish him in his crib. We actually have a super short hallway and both his room and ours sleeps with a fan on at night,
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  • image mabenner1:
    Ds slept in his own room from day 2. We just cranked his monitor so I could hear him breathe if I wanted to.
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  • We aren't planning on DD going to her own room until she is 8-12 weeks.  We have a monitor so I'm not worried about not being able to hear her.  That sucker is loud.  
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  • Baby (4 weeks) is sleeping in her own room in her crib...but I am sleeping on a guest bed in there.  I figured it would be easier for me to eventually transition out of her room than for us to transition her to her own room, so we've been doing th


  • We had DD in her crib in her room from day 1. She is also a loud sleeper so I'm glad we did that. I was nervous of course and always was checking on her, but after a few weeks I stopped checking on her. She has been sleeping well in there on her own and s
  • DS was a loud sleeper in the beginning. He got better but I also got used to it. However, I will say now that he is in his own room (11 weeks) I sleep a lot better! I tried to move him at 6 week but I just wasn't ready. I started making the switch when he

  • DD slept in her crib from day 3 home. She was just too loud! We have a video monitor, but we keep the sound off because her room is close enough that we definitely hear her when she wakes up. Now, at 10 weeks, DD sleeps MUCH better in her crib than anywhe


  • This is a personal choice.  DS stayed in our room til he outgrew the bassinet around 6-7 months.  DD will be the same.  I hated putting him in there and I am sure I will for her too.  When DS was about 1 he started sleeping in our bed
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  • Last night was the first night.  I was worried too but we ALL slept so wonderfully!!  
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