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Open Letter Thursday/Friday!

Sorry my timing is all off this week because of spring break....


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Re: Open Letter Thursday/Friday!

  • Dear EI teacher,

    Thank you so much for being so helpful in getting a PT and behavioral therapist to meet with us, we really need the help right now. I think you see my frustration with Owl and I appreciate you being so proactive.
  • My dearest Bug,

    I am so proud of you.  You are really taking to potty training really well and I am so dang proud that you are telling me when you need to go.  We have had so many ups and downs in the last year and I feel like we

  • Dear Spring Break,

    Go Away! i am so off schedule... cant keep track of our appts. My kids need structure too. 


  • Dear DD,

    Please let me know somehow if these small dots covering your body are a rash reaction to something (meds/fever/whatever) or the chicken-pox because we live in a land of know it all grandparents and peds coming off maternaty leave who kee

  • d.fd.f
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    Dear Social Skills paperwork and group,

    Kindly fill your self out and make a group that fits DS needs without forcing us to hang out on a wait list forever. Preferably at the location 10 minutes from me instead of the several that are 30-60 minut

    DS 09/2008

  • image bubba2b:
    Dear Spring Break,Go Away! i am so off schedule... cant keep track of our appts.nbsp;My kids need structure too.nbsp;nbsp;
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  • Dear Special Needs board ladies,

    I started lurking here a few days ago, even though I'm only 10w5d with my first.  I have epilepsy, and our pregnancy was an unexpected surprise, so I've been terrified of the idea of having a disabled child s

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  • Dear PT,

    Please stop trying to be right no matter what!  When he first started, you kept pushing and pushing about his legs and feet, so we took him to the ortho.  He said PT wasn't really necessary to correct but would help him with le

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  • Dear Boss,

    Thank you for your understanding and your gentle pushing.  I called my old therapist today.  Since DH has recently developed migraines, we think it is best if we both went. This will be good for us. This will be g

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  • -T--T-
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    Dear DS,

    When the doctor orders a stool sample, that means you need to poop. Now go already!

    Your mother who has changed your diaper more times than I'd like to count.  

  • Dear orthotist-

    Quit changing your story. First you said his hand splintsplint had to have  bigbig unusable plastic addition in order for our insurance to cover it. I found out that was untrue. Now you say they werent very specific on the pr

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  • Dear DS,

    Having a sleep regressions while mommy is 9 months pregnant is really unfair. Mommy isn't sleeping well anyway and waking up with you a couple of times a night isn't helping. Please be through this by the time your little brother arrives

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    Dx: ASD, SPD and receptive and expressive speech delay at 21 months
    BFP #2: CP 5/2012
    DS2: 4/24/2013
    BFP #4: Miscarriage at 5 weeks 7/2014
    BFP #5: 8/8/2014 Due 4/20/2015 
    Its a healthy girl!!!!! 
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