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No schedule craziness

I am fine with no schedules, I never really do one till later. My kids usually fall into a predictable pattern and we go from there. My goodness this LO is all over the place. Yesterday he was up so much hardly napped at all, 15-20 mins here and there. Then he fell asleep for he night and 7, woke up a few times, then at 4 am was wide awake, goes back to sleep at 6 am. Now this entire day he has been sleeping and maybe awake 15 minutes here or there, so opposite of yesterday! My boobs have a hard time with this kid especially at night. Sometimes he is up every two hours so the next night my boobs are like lets do this thing and he goes four hour stretches haha! Anyone else's baby just all over the place?
Mom to 4 cute kids, 10 y/o girl, 8, 6, and 1.5 y/o boys

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