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What are Your babies doing?

What are Your babies doing Now? My son is 15 months and still doesnt walk.. He also doesnt say any words, he says mama and dada But thats about it. If i or someones says Hi or bye, he will wave. He blowes kisses, claps and stand if holding on to somthing.. What are Your kiddos doing? I feel like my son isnt doing much, my friends daughter is 18 months and says all Kinds of words.. Like go potty, eyes, ears.. And She even is almost potty trained..and She can walk, Shes Been for awhile Now.

Re: What are Your babies doing?

  • There is a vast difference in verbal and physical abilities for children at this age. It doesn't really mean anything yet, TBH. I have a friend who is a teacher turned SAHM, who had a child a week after mine. She spends lots of time doing activities wi

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  • My 18 month old just composed his first violin concerto.  But it's just the violin, so we're not all that impressed.  We've told him to come back and let us know after he does a full orchestration.
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  • I think as long as your pedi isn't concerned you're okay, kids take their own time.  I started getting nervous because our teacher asked LO "when are you going to start talking?" (In a sweet manner).  I thought he was doing great until then.&

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  • image blu-eyedwife:
    My 18 month old just composed his first violin concerto.  But it's just the violin, so we're not all that i
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  • My son is almost 17 months and doesn't really have any words.  He'll say mama, dada and, of course, 'NO!" but he babbles constantly and has since pretty much 4 months.  Like, all the time.  He has expression, tone, inflection but no real

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  • Eh. DD is 14 months and not walking, clapping, waving or really talking (other than 'hi,' 'bye' and 'dog'). I'm not the least bit concerned.
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  • I have 15 month old twin girls that were born premature though by 2 months. My daughters are extremely different and at times its hard not to compare. My one daughter is walking, waves while saying ba-bye, says: mamma, dada, babba, papa, nanna, ca

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  • My daughter is almost 17 months.  She says lots of words.. all the family ( nana/papa/daddy/mamma those types) she says doggie( and attempts to say the three dogs names) birdie, potty, yes, I did it... random phrases like that ( although it can be ha
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  • I wouldn't worry too much as children develop different skills at different rates and it can even be drastically different between siblings.

    DD developed quickly. She was walking at 10mo, running by 1yr, and is now saying many words, colors, shap

  • Eh, your kid is at the later end of the walking scale, but so what?  There will be no difference once they are all 3. 

    My DD was an early mover, crawler, walker, but she didn't say much at all until 18-19 months.  Now she's speaki

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  • My DD just started walking a few weeks ago and now that is all she wants to do! She can talk and say a number of words...but always on her terms. She will only say them when SHE feels like it. Same with waving bye-bye and hi.

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  • DD just turned 1 3 weeks ago.  She is walking, saying mama and dada.  She says "ruff ruff" when she sees a dog.  She points to people and things.  Like when we ask her "Where's Mommy?  Where's Daddy?  Where's Happy? (our d

  • My lo turns two next week!  He was a late bloomer.  He started walking just after his first birthday and only started talking just last week.  It was like a flood gate opened and he had so much to say.  He had a SUPER cranky/fussy w

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  • OP, DD2 wasn't a walker until a month ago (so at 19.5 months). She also only had a handful of words at her 18 month appointment, but 2 months later she is now starting to pair up words in 2-word "sentences". All this to say SO MUCH can happen in a short t
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