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crib bumpers/ alternatives?

My baby keeps waking up very upset because he is getting his leg stuck in the crib slat. I wish I could use a bumper, but I guess the latest research says NO (even though we all probably grew up with one.) I dont really understand why they are still on the market if they are so unsafe. ANYWAY, besides the breathable bumper which I tried and was useless because it is not secure and moves around, what else can I get?

IS anyone using an old fashioned bumper? 

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Re: crib bumpers/ alternatives?

  • What kind of breathable bumper did you use?  Are you sure it was installed correctly?  I had to read the directions closely (it was definitely more complicated to put on than I expected) and had to fix a few things immediately after I put it on

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  • Can you put your LO in a sleepsack?  Ours keep DS's legs from getting stuck.
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    Can you put your LO in a sleepsack?  Ours keep DS's legs from getting stuck.


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  • We also use a sleepsack, For naps we don't and he has gotten his legs in the slats a few times. At night he wears the sleepsack and we have never had a problem. I would try something like that.
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  • I have a breathable bumper and it's been in the crib since my son was born. Go ahead and throw stones, but it works for us. I watched a video on You Tube so I was sure to install it properly. That helped a lot.



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