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Raspberry Leaf Tea

Has anyone drank raspberry leaf tea in their third trimester?  I have been told to do it if I am going "au naturale," which I intend to do, God willing... What exactly does it do?  The only thing I have heard is that it makes your muscles stronger.  Which in turn does what? Make pushing and contractions more effective and productive?


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Re: Raspberry Leaf Tea

  • I drank it my entire third tri. I would make a big pitcher and keep it in the fridge like sweet tea. My uterus shrank down very quickly post delivery, other than that I dont know if it did anything.
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  • I'm a FTM, so I'm not sure if it's doing anything yet.  But, I've been drinking 2 cups/day in 2nd tri and am upping to 3+ cups as I get into 3rd tri.  It is supposed to strengthen and tone the uterus - making contractions more effective and l

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  • I say drink it if you want to, but don't push yourself if you hate it. My MWs strongly encouraged it in third tri and I drank the strong brew religiously. I had a 45 hour labor with several stalls, pushed for 4 hours, had a postpartum hemmorage, and am lo


  • I figure every little thing can help, so I've been drinking it since 20 weeks.  I actually really like the taste.  I mix a bit of lemon and agave in with it and sip it through the morning.  Starting in the third tri I'll move to two cups a

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  • Are the RRL capsules as effective as the tea? I'm not much of a tea fan.  Anyone take the capsules? If so, how much/often? 

  • I drank it with dd, and as a ftm I had a relatively easy labor. I only pushed for 20 minutes and my uterus had no problems shrinking afterward. I don't know how much was just my body and how much was the tea, but I figure it can't hurt. This time my midwi
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  • FTM here but I try to drink it at least once a day. Pretty soon I am going to start making a pitcher of it every morning for iced tea.

    If you want a lot of information there is a HUGE thread about RRL on mothering.


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  • image Cgoode517:
    Are the RRL capsules as effective as the tea? I'm not much of a tea fan. nbsp;Anyone take the capsules? If so, how much/
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