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awake periods?

About how many awake periods are your LO's having?  DS is 8 days old and pretty much feeds every 1.5-3 hours, depending on the time of day.  I have noticed 2-3 awake periods.  I feel terrible bc I feel like he cries, I feed him and hes goes to sleep.  I know this is nuts, but when DH soothes him, he can't feed him bc I'm EBF.  So if DH can get him to stop crying wo feeding him (or delay the feeding about 25 min) should I do the same?  Am I throwing my boob at him to shut him up and not spending enough quality time with him.  Or is this just my hormones talking.  I've been fighting back tears pretty much all day convinced that DH is just better at this than I am bc I need a boob to soothe my kid.  Uhgh...
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Re: awake periods?

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