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Really people?!?!

So I know some of us are getting the annoying phone calls every day from loved ones to see if we have had baby yet. Thankfully I have not really had to deal with it to bad. My frustration today is trying to get a hold of ANYONE. I am not in labour or anything but I do need to ask MIl and SIL some questions and I can't get a hold of them. MIL is supposed to watch  the girls when I go into labour and SIL is my back up in case MIL is busy or out grocery shopping or what not. But NEITHER of them are answering there phones. So frustrating. And it isn't only today, yesterday I called my SIl just to chat cause I was bored and she didn't answer. I mean it wasn't important but not being able to get a hold of them at this point is frustrating. What IF I was in labour??? Grrr. 
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Re: Really people?!?!

  • This is totally me too!  But with DH!  He never answers his phone and most of the time doesn't even realize that he missed a call or has a voicemail.  I gave him a hard time last night because I tried to call to let him know that I was g

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  • I feel your pain. A few weeks ago I had to go to L and D for monitoring and not even my husband would answer his phone! I finally got ahold of his brother who was with him, but for some reason my calls weren't going through. I've had to re-evaluate how I
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  • I tried to call my husband a week ago and FREAKED out when he didn't answer. I seriously had to call him like 10 times before he picked up. I wasn't in labor, I was having a car emergency.... but still! He was all like, "I'm at work." I'm all like, "It do


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  • My husband is generally very good about answering his phone, but his boss gave me his own personal cell phone number to call in case I can't get a hold of DH during the work day. DH is frequently in meetings or on conference calls and his boss would be ab
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  • I have this fear with DH too!! He's so insistent we drive to work together and pack everything we need in the car and then I call or email him at work and it takes an hour for him to respond. WTH! I'm going to have to drive myself to the hospital and tell
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