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Dr. Praeger's fishies

Hi ladies, has anyone tried giving their food allergic child (milk/eggs/nuts) Dr. Preager's fishies?   there is a CC warning on the back.  I usually avoid food that have a cross contamination warning but since my son barely eats, i'm thinking of trying it just so that he can eat something new. 

We were shopping last weekend and he was begging for me to buy the dora box (he loves dora).  It's safe of all of his allergens but of course there is a CC warning. 

I hate it more than anything when i find something he can actually eat but there is a CC warning! sucks.

Obviously it's not worth the risk. I have tried contacting the manufacturer but no luck getting in touch with anyone.

I'm going to look for a dora cookie cutter and see if i can make something that looks like it too, but it would be nice to just buy something frozen.

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