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Strawberry Food Ideas

My 19 month olds obsession with strawberries has gotten out of control. All I ever hear is "obby! eat obby!" lol. I try to always have strawberries in the fridge (this obsession by the way started in the past couple weeks). I also buy her strawberry pediasure since the pediatrician wants her to have those. And then i'll get some of those pouches that have strawberry mixed with other fruits. Oh and she loves her strawberry yogurt.

So anyone have any recipes or ideas strawberry foods that I can sneak in some veggies? Like a bread or muffin recipe? Or any other ideas for just strawberries. I'd really like to find a way to sneak the veggies but I just don't know if you can really hide it with strawberries. I saw a recipe for chocolate zucchini muffins.... hmmm... could I make this strawberry zucchini? lol.

Strawberry season is coming up. I'm gonna be stocking my freezer. lol... then watch the faze be over. :P That's okay, we love strawberries in my family. They'll get eaten.

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Re: Strawberry Food Ideas

  •  Does Rhubarb count as a vegetable?? LOL, there's tons of strawberry rhubarb recipes out there, and it's also coming into season. :)
  • I wish my LO would try them...he's picky and stubborn...not sure where he gets that from.

    Spinach goes well with strawberries...not sure how you could incorporate that, maybe if you mix them up and freeze in a pop. (?) I like the zucchini idea..

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  • I've never had anything with rhubarb before. I looked it up and it is a vegetable that is often used as if it is a fruit because of its taste. I'll be looking up some strawberry rhubarb recipes. I guess I should also google a picture because I have no

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  • there are tons of toddler muffin recipes on Pinterest...I don't see why you couldn't chop up some strawberries and throw those in too.  Also, smoothies.  Add strawberries, a banana, and spinach along with some yogurt and you've got a yummy smoot
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  • Smoothies, mashed strawberries in Greek yogurt, and strawberry applesauce are all good. As far as baked goods, you can take a banana bread recipe and replace the bananas with mashed strawberries. Add some grated zucchini if you want veggies in it. You


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  • image EMunion777:

    I've never had anything with rhubarb before. I looked it up and it is a vegetable that is often used as if it is a

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  • My daughter gets this way whenever she learns how to pronounce her new favorite food. I will let her have it when she asks, but limit the amount and tell her we need to save some for tomorrow! It has helped us. Most of the time the I only want to eat X

  • You can do strawberry peanut butter sandwiches too! Or, put some strawberries in with cereal or oatmeal.
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  • I chopped up strawberries and put them in pancakes.  They keep in the fridge well and heat up in the toaster. 
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