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T&P please- super rough week Updated

I had my appendix out on thursday- that was rough

I pick up Jack yesterday from daycare and notice he is visibly sick. Had a tiny little fever all day. That night is bad. I almost took him to the ER because I couldnt get him to wake up... finally did. His fever was almost 103.

I called his doc today. Almost every time I call to make sure he sounds ok, they tell me to wait and check for this and that. Not today. Today he wants to see him right away since there is no reasonable explanation for his fever. He thinks he adenovirus(sp?) which is like a viral pink eye/ throat thing.

So the doc is feeling his belly and I see it in his face. We work together so he knows I just had mine out and Im like, "Youve got to kidding me." He says he doesnt like how he is reacting when he pushes on his belly above his appendix.

So please pray that we have a little better week and that Jack doesnt need anything more than snuggles and a good baba.  

So we had his blood drawn which was a total nightmare. He screamed bloody murder even with the numbing cream. Then it clotted so we had to go back and I just did it myself which sucked. Then we got a call from his doctor wanting us to go to the ER based on his results-terrifying. ER doc completely differs on his diagnosis. He thinks it's strep and a resulting belly ache. He doesnt think it's appendicitis. We decided against the cat scan. Started antibiotics for strep and are following up with Pedi in the morning... Ill probably update one more time. Thanks for the T&P June mamas. 


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