Nap Help Please!

I go back to work Monday and I was hoping we would have a set nap schedule by now but we don't. The babies almost never nap at the same time and never for the same amount of time. I am reading the book healthy sleep habits, happy twins, hoping this will help me get into a routine. But I am wondering if you ladies have any tips. I work three days a week and the days I am working they will be at my MIL's. We have 2 RNP at each house we could use for naps. We also have pack n plays at both places too. They both sleep in their crib at night and sleep from about 10pm to about 5-6am each night (for the most part). I can honestly say that there has been only one day where they both napped simultaneously throughout the day. Do I just put them down at the same time and let one or both cry until they fall asleep? Where is the best place for them to nap? Any tips or advice will be appreciated! Thanks!
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Re: Nap Help Please!

  • I found that the key to getting my two on a schedule at that stage was starting every day at the same time.  They were up at 8am every day, bottles, and then nap later.  We followed the eat/play/sleep cycle and put them down awake but drowsy.

  • Yes totally agree with PP. This is our schedule:

    Up at 6:45 or 7am - playtime for about 20 min, then bottle. diaper change halfway through, finish remaining bottle and down by 8 or 8:30.

    N&S usually sleep (in separate rooms, since somet

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  • You are feeding them at the same time correct? I think that they key for us was feeding them both at the same time and then that kind of dictated the sleep. DD was always better at sleeping that DS but they did eventually get to sleep at the same time. I
  • My babies (3 months yesterday, 2 months adjusted) basically stopped napping during the day as well. Sometimes they will take a catnap here and there but rarely at the same time. They used to follow the eat, activity, sleep schedule every 3 hours and na

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  • You should try one up, both up and have some type of naptime routine. Eventually they should even out. Mine are 5.5 months now, and they eat sleep and poop on the same schedule. D likes to sleep a little longer, so I give him 10 extra minutes if I can't e
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