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NWMR: Bratty Birthday Boy (DH not DS)

DH and I are both turning 30 this year. His is Sunday. We're both considering it a big deal but he's being a D-I-V-A about it. 

For two weeks he said "don't do anything". I just had to keep asking. 

He wanted White Sox tickets. But they had to be bleacher. What?! We can only afford nosebleeds?! No way.

Then he said "okay let's go to Dave and Busters". But after paying all the bills and buying groceries, we don't really have enough to go, eat-n-play and park....and wash clothes.....and get to and from work next week.

So today, I went through Groupon and looked for some deal. And they were AWESOME! $8 for a movie for two with popcorn. $12 for mini-golf for four (so we could double date), $10 for 2 drinks and 40 tokens and some hipster arcade. He doesn't want any part of it. 

I want to do something special for his birthday, but I'm hovering between feeling guilty that I didn't put aside $60 last paycheck and being kinda pissed off that he's being such a brat about it. My options are: keep trying, go borrow some cash, postpone birthday activities until payday or tell him where he can go and take DS for an $8 movie. 



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