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I have been being monitored closely since the beginning due to existing blood pressure and kidney issues. Now, at 30 weeks I have been diagnosed with preeclampsia. I was given steroid shots for babys lungs to develop more quickly and put on bed rest when not working. I work in an office, have no maternity leave, and am not on my feet...otherwise it would have been strict bedrest. I am terrified. I have read some strange "remedies" for helping to reverse some of the symptoms...17 eggs a day for 3 days and a gallon and a half of milk in that time frame...yikes!. I do know that the only "cure" is delivery. I wanted to see if anyone here has any advice for toughing it out or helping with the proteinuria or BP? Thanks ladies! Just feeling overwhelmed and lost right now...
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Re: Meltdown reposted from high risk board

  • DEFITNITELY talk to your doctor before trying any strange remedies. Just because you take in a ton of protein doesn't mean your body can use, or even process, that amount. In reality it is very bad for your kidneys to have to deal with that amount of nitr
  • Do not do anything you read on the internet. Talk to your OB. 

     I had Pre E with my first and have been very closely monitored and on BP meds throughout this pregnancy. I've also been on calcium and baby asprin combo per my dr.s orders

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