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AW....job hunt

Since A was 2 months old I have been commuting about an hour each way with a 12 hour shift to work. It was difficult with BFing and pumping but we made it work. After J was born I knew during maternity leave I wasn't going to be able to swing the 14ish hours of working let alone the awake time before and after going to work. So I have been job hunting since about November.  I had a few interviews that I thought went well but ultimately they went with other applicants.  I have been looking for a different area to work in and although my field (ER nurse) teaches me to adapt and I see a lot of different things it isn't the same as other specialties.  I was looking for something a lot closer to home and to be honest maybe a tad less stressful.

My friends and family kept telling me the right position would come. Well I interviewed last week and felt really good, that the location and the staff I interacted with (panel interview) would be a good fit.I received the job offer yesterday and I excitedly accepted it. I start my new position in a little less than 2 weeks, when I spoke with my manager they were fine with me giving slightly less than a 2 week notice since I'll be working the beginning half of next week. Turns out I will be transferring to another facility - this time an urgent care but only about 15 minutes from home, with comparable pay and the hours are only 8 hour shifts that are either a morning or afternoon/evening shift. I'm so excited!

 I haven't come out on FB yet. I kinda want to leave quietly from work. I was on jury service the last 3 weeks so I think I'll be able to just disappear quietly, I'm not big on to-dos or attention. There has been a big upheaval recently with staff overturn (typical for ER settings) so I'll just be another one in the mix.

 Anyways, happy hump day Dec Mom's! Thanks for letting me aw a bit here.

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