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Anyone else having crazy dreams? I've been having the most vivid dreams lately and some have me creeped out well after I wake up..?

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  • Yes!! The day before last I had a dream I have birth to twins.. The whole dream was sooo realistic.. Until I woke up that is. Last night I had a really creepy but extremely weird one about vampires and flying lol. Wonder what tonight's will be!
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  • Yes I'm having vivid dreams almost every night now.  They are so real they sometimes affect me after I wake up.  I had a dream about my hubby and woke up ready to pounce on him!  (and FYI that has never happened to me in my LIFE).  I h
  • Every night my dreams are an adventure... Its so weird. The sex dreams are interesting and the funny thing for me this time is that they are all about my husband. Last time not so much, lol.
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  • I keep dreaming about trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.  Might be caused by all the Walking Dead and Evil Dead remake hype around me though.

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  • Mine have actually started to taper off.  I'm slightly disappointed!
  • Yes! Although a lot of mine are based around whatever show I watch before going to bed. The last few nights I've watched "Criminal Minds" so I have had some crazy stuff going on. Also, maybe weirder, I had a dream that I was doing a Sudoku puzzle and kept
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  • Oh my gosh, yes! I have had the most strange dreams almost every night.
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  • Omg. I am having some crazy dreams but the weird thing is they seem so real and clear when I wake up and I can remember exactly what is was about. By the time I start my morning routine of taking a shower and getting my son ready my mind goes completely b
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    I keep dreaming about trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.nbsp; Might be caused by all the Walking Dead


  • I've always been a vivid dreamer but this is getting out of control. I dreamed I was a prostitute the other night and woke up very disgusted! Another one is DH was a big time drug dealer. Lol he is the farthest thing from that! 
  • Lol I'm glad I'm not alone! Thx ladies!
  • Absolutely!  I sometimes have multiple strange dreams in one night!  They normally wake me more than the urge of having to go to the bathroom!  They are all over the place in terms of subject matter and most of them make absolutely no sense
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