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Doctor Changed my Due Date...Again

Good Morning ladies! I have Googled this and it sounds like it's not uncommon, but just wondering what other women have experience as well...

When I first went to the doctor after finding out I was pregnant, they gave me a due date of July 22nd, based on my LMP.  Then, when I had my first U/S at what I thought was 12 weeks, they said based on the size of the baby, they were changing my due date to July 30th.  

 Last week, I just went in for my A/S and the doctor called and said everything looks healthy and good, baby is just a little smaller than we would have expected, but not enough to be concerned about.  This morning, I got the written results of the A/S and it says my EDC has been changed to 8/8!  

All in all, it's only about 2 weeks different from my original due date, but I'm just wondering if this is normal and has anyone else experienced this? 

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Re: Doctor Changed my Due Date...Again

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