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Am I overprotective? Our baby isn't a trophy.

Okay, so DH's brother and girl friend are flying in for a week. DH wants to take DS to the airport to pick them up, which is an hour one way -- not counting the time DS would have to sit in his car seat waiting for them to load the car.

THEN DH wants to take them all to their mom's house for the afternoon. After that, he'd bring baby home where I'd have an hour to nurse DS, dress him, and then turn around to take him back out for a family function that will last for about 3 hours or more.

I told my husband tonight that it was just a bad idea have our six month old out all day with that much activity, stimulation, not being nursed (I do have some milk pumped, but not much and was planning to use it tomorrow night), being stuck in the car seat for a few hours unnecessarily.

DH was upset saying that I'm overprotective. But when I asked him his motives, he said he wanted to be the big shot to his brother. My answer to that was that our baby isn't a trophy. Uggg....

It should be noted that his brother will be here all week and we do plan to spend time at MILs house so everyone gets plenty of time with baby.

With all of that said, has anyone had a similar experience having to advocate for baby? Or am I being overprotective?

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Re: Am I overprotective? Our baby isn't a trophy.

  • This would not fly...luckily you can pull the BFing card.  I would not use my low stash for this ESP if you have other plans for it.  Also, how is LO in the car?  Mine is great most of the time until she's not and then we can go nowhere unt
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  • You're right, he's wrong. My DH ax cussed me of using the baby as a justification to spend less time with his family. I let him know that it was not fair to the baby to deprive her of good sleep and rest because he wanted to hang out all day with the

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  • I think you are in the right 100%. I had my LO miss Easter celebrations this past Sunday for the same reason (over an hour drive each way, poor naps, too much stimulation), even though most of the people attending were really looking forward to meeting he
  • Nope, I'm always the one who has to put my foot down and reality check my BF's brilliant plans. Sure, let's take our 6 month old to a crowded Irish pub downtown on St. Pattys day, two hours past his bedtime....great idea.

    We try to stick to on

  • That would be a big fat no from me. Our 3 month old hates the car though. So that alone would deter anyone from taking him anywhere he doesn't need to be. As long as the car is moving he is fine, the second it stops -- not so much.

    There is no

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  • He wants to show off his son, I don't think that's such a bad thing.  Does your son have consistent napping times?  I think that would be my issue, unless he's a good sleeper and will sleep in his car seat, then honestly I don't think I'd rea

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  • Going to the airport is silly, why don't you compromise on that? You don't go to the airport and you'll all go to your MIL. Maybe drive separate so you could leave early with LO.
  • You are not out of line. 

    Luckily, DH and I feel that same about both of our families. A few hours and we are done. My parents are Judgey Judgerpants. His family (dad) is a complete tool, his mom (bless her heart-was in a terrible accident a

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  • image this decaf life:
    Going to the airport is silly, why don't you compromise on that? You don't go to the airport and you'll all g
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  • Is there a reason you aren't going with him to all of this? If you were then you could just nurse LO as needed like usual. I would probably just make it a family event. Its understandable that your DH would want to show off LO to his brother and bring him
  • Thank you everyone for your responses.

    As I wrote last night,  his brother will be here all week and we do plan to spend time at MILs house so everyone gets plenty of time with baby. She lives an additional 40 minutes away, so all the tim

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  • Yah wouldn't happen with me either. Not fair to your baby and if your husband expects to look like a big shot he will look like a big mess when he realizes 6 month olds don't enjoy sitting in one spot looking at nothing for hours. Baby should be home w

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  • I guess I'm in the minority but I don't see what the big deal is, unless your LO doesn't like the car? why can't you go with to the in-laws and nurse him there?
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  • in my opinion a 6 month old baby's needs and happiness take priority over other people's wants and wishes. No way I would do all that with a little one. One activity/outing a day is plenty.  

  • The only issues I see with him doing this is he reasoning behind it, that he wants to be a big shot to his brother. That part would really bother me, he should want to take him b/c he's excited for his child to meet his uncle and vice versa. Other than th
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  • Taking away nursing time from the baby to make him stay in the car and wait for people is not a good idea. I'd try explaining that you need to nurse him. If your husband doesn't understand, I'd say no anyway. A small baby doesn't need all this.
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