Pregnant after 35

anyone pregnant w/ #4 (or more?)

We have three kids and we're pretty sure we're done. I knew for SURE I wanted to have a third and am so glad she's here. I don't feel that super strong desire this time but I still can't say 100% that we're done. I'm 38 now so we could maybe sneak one more in right around age 40. I don't know if 4 so close in age is too much, worry about finances in the long-term, worry about the risk of miscarriages and of chromosomal problems...worry about "pushing our luck" when we've had three good pregnancies. I know my family thinks we should just be done, especially b/c we're older. 

We are leaning towards being done but I'm just not sure. 

How did you decide? Other random thoughts? 

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Re: anyone pregnant w/ #4 (or more?)

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