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I feel like there should be a way to work this out

In short, I would really like to have a natural birth however I have am genetically blessed with a blood clotting disorder and thus have to take blood thinners.  Because of the Blood thinners, I am told that I will have to be induced (a couple weeks early), which I don't want to do.  I feel like there should be a way to cut back on the blood thinners as I get further along so that complications don't arise and I can go into labor on my own.  That is not the picture anyone is painting for me though.  Any thought?

Re: I feel like there should be a way to work this out

  • I'm sorry you're facing this.  I don't have any experience with it.  It seems too medical for my opinion.  Maybe a second opinion from another doctor?
  • I have homozygous MTHFR, which means I give myself injections of blood thinners throughout my pregnancies. One option is to stop the blood thinners (I take Arixtra, lots of mamas take Lovenox) and be induced at 38 weeks. I choose not to do this, at 37 wee
  • Yeah I'm on Lovenox now and my Dr is having me switch to Heparin towards the end but they still plan on inducing.  I'll just be more direct about how I want to do this at my next appointment and work stuff out from there.  Thank you for your inp
  • Me three.  I have compound hetero mutations on MTHFR and one copy of factor v.  I do not have a personal clot history, but my sister had life-threatening strokes after her first baby and c-section.  I am on baby aspirin and once/day love

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    For what it's worth, my OB says a c-section is the worst possible scenario for those of us with clotting disorders --

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  • I too am on blood thinners (history of spontaneous blood clots, no genetic factors found).  I am on a low prophylactic dose of fragmin, which lasts 24 hours in my system (i'm in Canada, not sure what the equivalent is in the states). 

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  • You don't have to have pain meds. You can still do it.

    My son's cord was around his neck and after about 20 hours of labour, I was put on the pitocin to help him. I still didn't get meds and ended up finally delivering after 29 hours. Still consi

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