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Tell me about membrane sweeps

I went to my MW today and she said my nugget is finally dropping a little.  Yay!  Then she said at my appointment next week they can do a membrane sweep for me at 39 weeks and 2 days.  Since their attempt at a cervical check at 36 weeks was extremely uncomfortable, I was wondering how the membrane sweep would compare.  Plus, I'd like to know if it would actually help anything.  Any of you had one done?  How was it?  Would you recommend it?  TIA!

Re: Tell me about membrane sweeps

  • I tried to get my membrane sweep today but I could not stand the discomfort so I had to stop my OB, though I'm a FTM but I would recommend it if you are fine with the discomfort.
  • I've had membrane sweeps with both of my pregnancies. I was 39w 6d with DD. I went into labor about 36 hours labor. I also had a membrane sweep last Tuesday when I was 39w 1d, and I went into labor that evening.

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  • I'm a FTM and since I'm only 37w tomorrow, I haven't experienced one myself. However, from what I hear, membrane sweeps don't guarantee anything. I have friends who have gone into labor 24 hours or less after having one, and other friends who had several,
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  • Had it done with all 3 of mine. My 1st I went into labor 2 days later, my 2nd I went into labor the same night and my 3rd I went into labor the next morning. I'm having it done tomorrow afternoon so I'm praying it works for number 4.
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  • I look at it this way, it minimal pain compared to what labor and pushing feels like!!!!! I had mine done at 37weeks last pregnancy 
  • I will have mine done at my next appointment, 39 weeks. My doctor said 50 of women go into labor within 48 hours and nothing happens for the other 50 except maybe some cramping. I have never had it done before but I am willing to give it a try even if it
  • I've now had it done twice - with DD and yesterday. I figured it's worth a shot. Didn't work with DD - was induced. Still hanging out here now too.
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  • I did with dd at 40w6d, was facing an induction the next day. It was more than uncomfortable, def grimaced through it but doesn't take that long. For me, it was worth a shot, I really didn't want to be induced. I went into labor naturally several hours la
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  • I'm a FTM and 39 weeks tomorrow.  Had mine swept today after OB said I was dilated a solid 4cm.  Fingers crossed for labor soon!  We are so ready to meet our little girl!  It wasn't horribly painful, but my cervix was high so it took s
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