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"Is she walking yet?"

Those of you with late walkers or anticipated late walkers, what do you say?

I don't always feel like launching into the whole explanation of Down syndrome, Lauren's low muscle tone, and my personal goal of walking before preschool.

For now I just say something like "Not yet, but she gets around pretty well!" I know I don't owe people an explanation but it gets kind of awkward when people don't already know that kids with Down syndrome walk late. What do you say?
Lauren has Down syndrome and a complete AV canal heart defect
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Re: "Is she walking yet?"

  • Grant isn't crawling or even close to crawling, so at least you aren't the last one. Also there was a post on our birth month board today with other non walkers. Everyone knows Grant is delayed so they don't even ask anymore. I don't know what to say..

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  • image goldenleaves:
    I know I don't owe people an explanation but it gets kind of awkward when people don't already know that <strong
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  • I just feel like people are looking for an explanation. And I've gotten the ever-awkward "I'm sorry" when I've said that kids with Down syndrome walk late.


    Lauren has Down syndrome and a complete AV canal heart defect
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  • I say very lightly, "Thankfully, no, but she's getting there."

    At 16 months actual 15 months adjusted the gap between her and her peers is definitely widening, but we try not to compare her to other babies. She's not like them and in many aspec

  • I just say "not yet".  I don't feel like anyone really needs an explanation.  If it's someone who genuinely wants to learn then I'll explain further, but usually I just leave it at "not yet".
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  • I just say, "We're getting there. He took ___ steps in the walker/gait trainer/etc!" and act happy with it, because I am.

    Or you can try the tactic my DH used with an annoying lady at work whose child was born around when DS was and would "pop in

  • DS is 20 months, and he can take a few steps but not walk. I usually just say "not yet, but he is getting closer every day". I don't think anyone needs an explanation. I will certainly answer questions if asked, but I'm not gonna offer my kid's persona

  • People constantly ask me this. I dont usually explain. I just say O is, A is learning to stand with support! 
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  • DS did not walk until 17 mnths. When I got those questions I used to say not yet but he will when he is ready. I just hate it when people try to compare their kids with yours, my response is usually every child is different and they develop different.
  • It was a little easier for us because M is SOOOO small that literally even at 2, there are MANY MANY 1 year olds larger than her.  So no one really asked a lot of questions, she was 16 months when she started walking.  And their really wasn't

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  • I usually say, no, not yet.  It stings though and I don't think it is getting any easier.  Hugs!


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  • DD will be 2 next week and we get asked all the time or people just say "she must be running around everywhere".  All I say is "no, not yet" or "we're getting there" and leave it as is - I am not about to explain her medical conditions to complete st
  • i said what you said when dd wasn't walking yet.

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  • abs05abs05
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    Ugh, I hated that question.  My daughter didn't walk until she was 16 months.  I would just say "no" and then change the subject.  I used to give an explanation, but then that would prompt the person asking to tell me how lucky I was. &nbsp
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  • I have 3 other co-workers who will have babies within a few months of Sammy.  I already dread the comparisons.  Some co-workers are aware of his diagnosis but most are not.  I work as a sevice coordinator for children with developmental

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  • My daughter walked at 16 months which now that we have her diagnosis is actually really early. I just told people she had some balance issues related to her hearing loss.
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  • Typically I just say no or if people assume I tell them he isn't walking yet and most people just say 'oh he'll get there!'.  The other day however I explained to a man at Walmart that DS was not walking yet (after having a rather long conversation w
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