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Time outs?

So DH emailed me today (we're both at work) and said that he wants to get a time out chair for DD.  I'm not a fan.  While I do think that time outs have their purpose, I don't think that she'd understand a "Time out chair" and would likely end up using it frequently so it would no longer be a punishment.  Also, I know that DH has a small amount of patience in general so I don't want him to have a go to place to put her when she's being just a little bit of a naughty toddler and he doesn't have the patience to deal with it in a more constructive way.  I wish that he wasmore patient but it's just not in his nature and doesn't seem to be changing any time soon.

I've suggested that we do a few things.  Like last night, DD threw a pretty good tantrum so I held her, made her look at me, and explained what we needed to do in order to be able to do what she wanted (read books, but we had to get ready for bed first).  I just don't know that she's at an age where she would understand a time out and I hate the parents that just say that a child is being bad and punish them.  They need to understand what the bad behavior is and learn what they need to do to correct it. 

I guess this is mostly a rant, but what are you all doing?  Time outs?  Or ignoring tantrums?  Explaining bad/good behavior?  Thoughts?  DD is really an easy going, good natured little girl 90% of the time so I guess that I'm just not all that concerned with dealing with a bad tantrum once every few days...But I need to figure out a method that works for both of us at the same time so there's consistency.

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Re: Time outs?

  • We don't do time outs, we do more redirect and explanation.  I have started giving her choices and consequences and see seems to be understanding them.  We have done a pop on the butt a few times, but they are for the things that are very d
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  • I do a lot of " I'm going to count to 3" and that works for small stuff like its time to get out of the bath or whatever.

    For bigger tantrums, It's hard. If we are at home, I can put her in her crib for a minute as a time out. If she's cryin
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  • I have been wondering the same thing, how to handle tantrums. I don't believe in timeouts at this age and in our case the roles are reversed, DH has more patience than I do and I tend to just snap at him.

    For the most part I redirect but lately

  • When DD1 throws a tantrum, I honestly just try to ignore her. So far she hasn't thrown huge, long tantrums, so when she's done I repeat whatever it was that upset her in the first place (usually telling her "no" about something). That sometimes sends h

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  • I mostly try to redirect her. If we get to the point of a tantrum, I ignore her. I have heard moms say that if their kid is having a tantrum they will try to comfort them, but this does not work for DD. Ignoring it always ends it quicker, at least when it


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  • Depending on the behavior we have different punishments. Tantrums we ignore or talk them through. We have a timeout chair that we use for very specific behaviors. We started timeouts when little sister was born and Audrey would hit sister in the face. Thi
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  • We don't use time outs for tantrums, mostly because I don't think it would work. We usually ignore, redirect etc. We used a time out once when he refused to pick up crayons but he wasn't throwing a tantrum he was just being stubborn. It worked great then.

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