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NICU Updates

Despite my want for celebrations for my babies, my heart is broken for Baby Ben.

The quick update is that my boys are doing amazingly well. They are both breathing on their own and taking bottles instead of tube feeding. They are being weaned off their IVs and getting moved to Isolettes instead of the warming tables. The Isolettes require them to regulate their own temps a little more so despite looking like a back track it's actually progression.

Currently Silas is moved out of the NICU and into the Progressive Care Unit, which is a lower key ICU. Sawyer is getting moved over next shift change and they will be housed next to each other, finally, instead of being down the hall. It's been hard to split our time between the two so having them together is major.

I'm being discharged tonight. I've had my staples removed and I'm healing well. My milk is fully in and I'm able to produce more than enough for both of them for every feeding so they are off of formula and I'm EP BM now. Things are going forward much faster than originally anticipated for all of us. 

Just because I love them so much here's the latest photos I have.

Sawyer: No tubes, just an IV!


Silas: Looking a little puzzled with his new glass house.


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