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To circ or not to circ...that is the question.

I'm a lurker on this board- so I'll take this time to say hello.

 My husband and I are expecting a boy in August and would love some views on circumcision or keeping our boy intact.

Anyone have any valid arguments for one or the other? I'm ultimately letting my husband take the reigns on this one because, after all, he has a penis, but I am leaning toward keeping our son intact. He still is on the fence about it!

I wasn't sure where else to ask this, but AP is the parenting style we tend to follow, so thought I'd ask other like-minded individuals.

 Thanks in advance- and if a war starts, I'm so sorry. I'm really just looking for advice and don't want to post this on Facebook!


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Re: To circ or not to circ...that is the question.

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