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Ben's heart stopped beating early this morning. We took him back to the hospital Monday morning as the doctor wanted to check it with him. We were told that he was now breathing on his own better and that there was still a small need  for the machine to help him breath. So we did what the doctor told us to do and put him to bed with the breathing machine and he feel asleep. Every 2 hours Joey and I go in and feed them/check on them so this morning was no different. But Ben wasn't breathing. He was pale and when I touched him he was cold. The machine had failed us.  We called 911 and did CPR but nothing happened. He was unresponsive. Benjamin Samuel passed away this morning around 2 am. I am still raw. Still numb and can't believe it. The funeral will be tomorrow and who knows how I will get through that. Thank you all so much.


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