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Tried everything!

I feel very defeated and frustrated over my babys sleep habits and just need to vent! He refuses to sleep anywhere besides in our arms or the swing, and that will usually only last about an hour. We have a crib, bassinet, bouncy/vibrating seat, and a pack n play. Recently, I posted here and a lot of ppl suggested the Rock n Play so I went out and purchased it over the weekend. Once he slept for about 40 minutes but for the most part he was up in 10 minutes which is usually what he does if we lay him down anywhere else. We also tried blankets under his mattress, placing changing table mat in crib, and swaddling although he screams for about 20 minutes and usually breaks out of it. Everyone keeps saying thay it will pass, but here we are at 8 weeks and I'm still sleeping on the couch and baby is only content in my arms. He is a wonderful baby otherwise and is very happy so I'm trying to keep my head up and ride out the storm. I'd eventually like to sleep with my husband again though! Anyone else had this much trouble getting LO to sleep?

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  • I don't have any tips to add bc I too am still sleeping on the couch with LO in the moby wrap. You are not alone with this issue. Every nap is a battle with my LO.

    Baby wearing has been my biggest life saver. But at this point I'm just wai
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  • Did you try swaddling and the rock n play?? Sounds like you have but thought i would mention it. Im assuming you have tried a bath before bed?? I find that a bath, swaddle, bottle, fall asleep then put in the rock n play seems to work. I have the same pr
  • Just want to second the bath idea! We only use soap with the bath two or three times a week, but it has made a world of difference in getting DD into a deep enough sleep that we can easily put her down without waking her up. Usually she will sleep three

  • My LO also loves a night bath. I don't do it nightly, but on the off nights, I still wipe him down with a warm cloth and give him a mini massage. Something I learned last night - he loves getting his feet rubbed! He was crying and then when I got to th


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  • 7 weeks and in the same boat here! We have tried nearly everything also including a nightly bath. Have you tried propping up some pillows on your bed to imitate the couch so that you could maybe at least sleep in your bed? I slept on the couch for the fir


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  • It's normal for babies to want to sleep with their parents, it makes them feel safe.
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    Why are you on the couch? Sometimes my LO will only sleep in my arms but I do sleep in bed with my DH. Are you worried about it being unsafe? Here are a few articles. I think perhaps if you moved to your own bed it would be less taxing and frustrating

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  • My baby had bad colic for a week and would scream bloody murder for 4 hours every night until she passed out on my chest.  Here is what I learned to do.  Swaddle her very  tightly, give her a pacifier, cradel hold her like I am breastfeedin
  • My son was like this. We are talking car rides every night, up for hours only to sleep about 30 minutes and only in my arms. He never took naps. 

    What finally seem to work for us was

    1) time- he finally got better at sleeping around 3

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  • Something else that you might have tried but once baby is asleep on you, like really asleep, place them in the rnp on a t-shirt that you have worn.  We had to do this with our little guy as he would wake up anytime not attached to us.  I was

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  • i'm at 6 weeks with LO and in the same situation! I'd like to hear of more help!
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