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MIL vent...long

So I really do like my MIL but recently I can't stand her. My baby shower this Sunday so my mom has been trying to plan the event with her. Everything my mom has said, my MIL went and did the opposite or what she wanted to do. She is making this into some glorified wedding. Tonight I found out that she hired a photographer who will be taking specific pictures that she requested and now she is placing people at certain tables. Not all of my friends know each other and it is going to be weird to place my aunt from my mom?s side of the family at the table with my step mother and my dad?s side of the family that is attending. She told my mom you make two tables with your list and I have my tables done already. (Ummm whatever happened to come in and sit where you want!!) My MIL has a lot more people then who my mother invited so we have no choice really on how my mom sits them and to top it off my mom was told where she was sitting. I think she forgot that my mother is paying a hefty penny too. I just don't understand what her issue is and why she can't hear what my mom is saying. Oh ya and my mom said to her I want to put balloons on the table as a center piece and she went out and purchased various center pieces and told my mom this is what we are putting and my mom put her foot down and it was almost like she didn't hear a word my mom had to say. She told my husband that if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be having a shower which is by far not true because my mom and sister started planning it.

All she keeps doing is spending money and getting made when I pick up a little thing here or there. I get why are you buying stuff, I purchased a lot of stuff and you will be getting a bunch of things. I literally looked at her and went umm really the onesie was $3.00 ? not that serious. She got pissed when my mom told her that my niece picked out the outfit for the baby to come home from the hospital in because she already purchased one without telling me. Ummm hello my niece is 6 and extremely excited let alone in my family the godmother buys the outfit and that would be my sister not her.

Ugggh and then she wanted us to take a photo in our underwear for our maternity pictures and I just thought it was awkward and uncomfortable so I did what I wanted to in the pictures without telling her and I got the I'm paying for them stuff and it would be nice. However when she saw the sample the photographer sent me she loved it. I wanted to be like I've been with your son for 6 years and I am pretty sure by now you should know I am not comfortable with certain things. Oh ya and since she is paying for them as a gift I could only imagine if I said I didn?t like the photo we took in our underwear that she would ask the photographer to print it anyway and she would show people or my luck it would be hanging in her living room.

Then the baby room - she paid for the furniture and I told her that I wanted to surprise her once we put the whole room together and she said no I will be putting the room together for you. Yes, nice that you offered to help but I would like to do it myself. (Mind you the furniture did not come in yet)

She also told me that she will be in the room when the baby is born. It was supposed to be just my husband and my sister and she ruined that one to that now it is just dad and I. My sister isn't really talking to me because she said I didn't stand up for her which is correct but I did with dad and he said well if your sister can be there so can my mom. He is a guy and doesn't get why I feel uncomfortable with just the thought of her being there. I can totally picture her taking the scissors when my doctor tries to hand them over to dad and cutting the umbilical cord for him.

The worst part is he doesn't say anything so I end up looking like the bad guy if I say something. He just keeps saying this is why I don't like to do things like this as a big family someone always feels some type of way while the other person feels differently. So now we have been fighting over all this dumb stuff and it is extremely frustrating.

I know I sound ungrateful but I really am not ? everything is just getting to me and I really don?t know how to handle it anymore. I don?t want to hurt her feelings but I think it is a little much lately.


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