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MOTN Feeding

Any one else out there still doing one here and there?  DD2 is a 10-15% for weight, height...everything.  DD1 was 95% for weight so this is new to me.  I worry that maybe she needs that feeding now and again if she isn't sleeping well because she is so small.  Anyone else out there going through this too?

Re: MOTN Feeding

  • Me! Once and a while but my son is quite big for his age.
  • Me! DS is 16 in weight and he still wakes up once a night. I will feed him each time because I know he needs it. He does not get enough durin the day because he doesn't take his bottles well at daycare.
  • I still feed my LO at least once in the MOTN. I don't consider it an issue, nor do I have problems feeding my child when she is hungry. 
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  • My little guy wakes up every now and again. He will tell you if he is hungry, or just needs reassurance that you are still there. Sometimes all it takes is a pick up and a snuggle to get him back down, other times he will take a full 8oz and go back to sl
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  • Ds2 is a peanut like 2 for weight. He nurses right before bed and will nurse between 46am. I don't consider that MOTN feeding b/c that stretch of sleep is between 910 hours. Ds1 used me as a paci so I was aware of ds2 cues and I realized he didn't need to
  • We wake up once or more.  Diaper change and nursing and snuggles.  Like PP said, I dont mind feeding DS if he is hungry and I enjoy the snuggle time since I miss out a lot when I am at work.


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  • One, or two, or all depends on the night.
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  • Yes. My son is in the 3rd % for weight and he still wakes up once or twice to feed. Im happy his is getting nutrition but it sucks that we are still playing the wake up game.

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