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Not walking at 1 year

My DD is almost one and is showing no signs of getting ready to walk.... She is cruising around on furniture but won't even walk if I'm holding her hands or if she's got a pusher/walker to hold on to. She just fusses and then collapses down and crawls away.

I know there's a range of what's considered "normal," but my older DD took her first steps around 10 months and was fully walking by 11 months. They've reached all their milestones at nearly identical times except for this one (i.e. they both started sitting independent right at 5 months, crawling at exactly 8 months, etc). So I can't help it - I feel like my DD is "behind."

Anyone else in this boat? Anything I can do to help her along?


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Re: Not walking at 1 year

  • DS has been taking a step or two for the past few weeks and today went for about 5 or so pretty steadily, so I'm assuming he'll be walking well soon, but I was starting to get nervous because DD also was walking well by around 10 or 11 months.  Obvio
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  • Not walking at one isn't behind. Many many babies don't walk by then. I know its hard, but don't compare your 2 LOs. Every baby is different.
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  • DS is almost one and he is not interested at all. He'll walk with a walker toy but he's very reluctant to try it with our hands and won't even try to stand on his own. 

    I'm not worried, they'll get there!

    Don't get started comparing D

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    Not walking at one isn't behind. Many many babies don't walk by then. I know its hard, but don't compare your 2 LOs

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  • Not even close here. I walked at 12 months, my niece walked at 13, my brother at 15. We aren't worried at all.
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  • Not walking at a year isn't behind. Your other baby walked early.

    Also if LO can crawl well, there might not be much motivation to walk. She'll get there eventually.

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    My son didn't walk until 3 days after he turned 15 months.  He doesn't sit down now for anything!  Your LO is perfectly fine.  I have no suggestions to help push her though.  We just let him do it at his own pace.  Good luck!
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  • Totally normal. However, remember that they are two DIFFERENT they are going to do things a bit differently. When she is ready, she'll do it. My DD didn't walk until 16 she is walking every where. She could have done it a long

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  • Ds1 walked early too and ds2 doesn't seem at all interested. I'm not concerned I know he will figure it out soon. At daycare there are babies his age already walking and while instinctively I want to compare them, I try to understand that every baby devel
  • How is cruising not showing a sign of getting ready to walk?  Look at some child development books. Your kid isn't behind. 
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  • My DS walked at 11 months.  DD is no where near that.  Doesn't pull up and doesn't cruise.  She'll get there, I am not worried.

  • My dd pulled up at 13 months, cruised at 14 months walked at 17 months.  She is fine 
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  • DD took 13 months. DS is not there yet either.
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    Not walking at a year isn't behind. Your other baby walked early.

    Also if LO can crawl well,

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    image image

  • Not behind at all.

    DD1 didn't walk until almost 18 months. And now she is a VERY active 3.5 year old.

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