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Awake Time

DS is starting to have more and more awake time, and I am struggling to find ideas of things to do with him while he is up. Obviously, he is not interested in toys yet. Can you give me ideas of what you are doing with your little ones when they are awake? TIA
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Re: Awake Time

  • We go on adventures as I like to call them, visiting people, the store, etc. We also read books, walk, tummy time, just hang out. He love his swing and looking around so he spends a good hour a day in it.
  • We are using a playmat with toys that hang from the top of it--- he will spend a whole hour before getting bored or tired and really seems to like it. We also use the swing, bumbo, and tummy time.


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  • DD gets fussy pretty quickly if she's not being held, so it's hard to keep her entertained. We try to do tummy time, which never lasts very long before she starts screaming. Sometimes she'll tolerate laying under her activity gym for 5-10 minutes. Today s
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  • Right now my LO is being entertained by the cat. There is an ipod sitting on the RNP, which she is in, and she keeps moving it and rocking it and the reflection of it on the wall is making the cat jump at the light on the wall. LOL  I guess really th
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  • LO is obsessed with light and shadows.  I flash a flashlight on the wall and make really poorly done shadow puppets for her.  She literally squeals with delight, so clearly she hasn't figured out that they're crappy yet!  She also loves

  • Often we talk and play (she sits on my knees or propped in her boppy and moves her arms and legs. I interact with her and make faces and talk. Sometimes while also watching TV.... 
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  • I have been putting DS on his play mat with his boppy propping him up. He stares at his hanging toys and bats and coos at them. It's really quite cute and he loves it. W also read books to him or just egg him on to talk to us. I have been sick all day

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  • If weather permits we go for walks in his moby wrap or stroller.  We spend a lot of time with him propped on my knees just talking and playing peek a boo games.  The play mat and bouncy seat will buy us 10-15 minutes each if he's in the right

  • Get out of the house! Take a walk either in the stroller or a baby carrier. Babies learn a lot just by watching you go about your daily business, so maybe try a baby carrier in the house while you do chores or whatever. You can also try setting a bounc

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