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Post baby body....

I am 3 weeks PP tomorrow and feel like a deflated stretch marked balloon :-(

I had a flat stomach before pregnancy. I had a csection. Will I always have this disgusting stomach I have now????

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Re: Post baby body....

  • I had a nice flat belly pre pregnancy too, at 4m post preggo it's not quite the same yet. But, I will say that BF helped tremendously. I dropped like 30lbs the first month and my belly was pretty much gone by 68 weeks. I've still got the lovely stretch ma
  • 6 to 8 weeks lol NOT 68 sorry
  • Almost 3 years after my 3rd delivery (in 4.5 years), my bellay still looks like a deflated striped balloon.  My stomach was always my problem area, so despite weighing less than I did with any of my 3 PG's, my stomach/obliques are less than stella

  • it will get better, you are not that far out from having the baby.  I had a c/section as well.  I still have a little pooch but not as bad as when I just had her.  It was so gross to me as well.  I didn't get stretch marks on my belly
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  • It does get better!  I'm like you, I had a nice flat stomach pre-preg, then I had a csection, and it looked rough.  I think I was holding water weight/bloating for at least the first month, and my skin was so saggy.  Now, my old pants fit,
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  • I am 17mo pp and had a csection. I am back to pre pregnancy weight but it seems everything has shifted. Right above my scar, I have what a lot of people refer to as "the csection apron". It's like a flab of skin that hangs over the scar. You can totally s
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  • I didn't have a C-section and as you know everyone's body is different, but if you didn't carry weight in your belly before, you will probably get it back. My waist is abit thicker I would say than before having kids but I'm also 6 years older. If I remem
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