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Anyone else having issues swaddling? My LO will be 2 months on 4/14, and he will not stay swaddled at night! He sleeps much better that way, but I guess hes getting too strong to stay wrapped up! Anyone have the same issue? The past 2 nights Ive put him in a gown and hes been fine, but Im wondering if he is growing according to schedule...He seems so big to only be 2 months!
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Re: Swaddling??

  • Amelia's getting pretty strong too.  She 7 weeks old, and it's not unusual for us to find her with a hand peeking out the top of her swaddler because we can no longer swaddler her tightly enough for her to keep her arms at her sides.  Once she's

  • We recently solved our swaddle houdini problem with a Woombie--super easy to use (even in the middle of the night) and my LO sleeps soundly in it without busting out. She can get her arms up (but not out) which she seems to prefer over having her arms at
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  • YouTube "escape proof swaddle" and watch the first video. It only requires 2 receiving blankets and works like a charm! DD can fight out of a regular swaddle in about 5 seconds and she has even fought out of Velcro swaddle bags, but she can't get out of t
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  • We started swaddling with one arm out. She still sleeps well and doesn't fight to get the other out.


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  • We had a similar problem. DD was busting out of the double swaddle blankets, the swaddle me, and while she wasn't getting out of the wombie it was waking her up to get her hands up near her face. She also was able to get out of the halo swaddle sacks. <b
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  • image ByeByeBooze:
    We started swaddling with one arm out. She still sleeps well and doesn't fight to get the other out.
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