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My 4 Easters...which led to the melt downs of melt downs!

Well in short I am the product of divorced parents whose father does not talk to his parents which I am very close to...awesome! So Easter for H, DS and I was over Saturday and Sunday between 4 different houses. By Sunday at noon DS had enough. He did not have a morning nap which typically he still gets an AM and PM nap and I think that is what started the whole meltdown. I attempted to sit down with him and snuggle up to take a nap when he started getting fussy and he wanted no parts. I then attempted to take him into a spare bedroom at my Mom's to get some peace since for the last 24 hours he had nothing but people in his face in confined spaces and that is when his melt down hit another level. He lost complete control of himself! It was the most terrifying moment for me as mother yet. He was breathing so heavy, his cry turned into an uncontrollable yelling/crying, he was so sweaty and flush, he began twitching to one side it was completely unreal. You would of thought there was an exorcisim going on! This went on for just about an hour...terrifying! I was thisclose to calling 911 since DH agreed that this was not normal and far from being OK. Thankfully my mother's, boyfriend's daughter is a nurse and has a lot of pediatric experience and looked him over and determined he was truly having a meltdown from being over stimulated. We wrapped him tightly in a swaddle and took him outside. After about 10 minutes we got him soothed. IT WAS SO SCARY. We took a break before heading to dinner at my in-laws and DS slept for 3 hours. Gosh I wish this type of melt down on NO parent!

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Re: My 4 Easters...which led to the melt downs of melt downs!

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