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what do i say? please help.

sub: what do i say?  please help.


so, for starters i mean no offense by any of this. 

a friend of mine went in for delivery two weeks ago.  we were waiting on news.  we just got an email from her saying her little boy was born with down syndrome.  this was a completely unexpected development.  They had no inclination that this was a possibility.

i am so torn for how to respond to her.  does anyone have an personal experience with this?

on one hand i want to celebrate the birth of her beautiful new son, on the other, i know this wasn't the outcome she was expecting.

if you have an experience with anything like this, i'd love to hear your opinion.

also, she asked us to pass along any resources we might have, so if you know of any, i'd appreciate those as well.


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Re: what do i say? please help.

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