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How do we all put LO's to sleep?

I've been freaked out talking to my friend who is a pedi (with no kids). She asked me if I let LO fall asleep on her own. I nurse/rock her to sleep and then put her down. I read up on it a bit since and all the "experts" say to put them down drowsy and let them fall asleep on their own. LO sleeps 6-8 hrs and doesn't wake up until I wake her up to feed (I am breastfeeding).

Would you change anything? She is 7 weeks.

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Re: sleeping

  • I wouldn't worry about it yet. Especially if she is sleeping so great!!!
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  • Amelia usually falls asleep during the twenty minutes of upright time after a feeding. Then I swaddle her and put her in her bassinet.
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  • Uhh... Yeah, if I put DD down drowsy, she wakes up and starts screaming. I recently discovered that a nightly bath is the key to a good night's sleep. We only use soap 2 or 3 times a week, the other times it's just warm water. But a bath followed by som

  • DD usually gets pretty drowsy when she is nursing before bed and I lay her down in her RNP awake and she will fall asleep about 10-15 minutes later. But sometimes she falls asleep nursing and I let her just sleep on my chest for awhile because she is alre
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  • Personally, I'm not going to worry about that until he's older. From what I understand LOs aren't really emotionally ready for self soothing until they are 4 months old. There isn't much I can do about it anyway because he's so used to our nighttime routi
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  • He usually falls asleep nursing or in his swing. He is co sleeping right now since every time I put him in his bassinet he wakes up.

  • My LO fights sleep like crazy. There is no way that I could put her down awake. At this point rocking to sleep isn't working either...
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  • image mishka29:
    My LO fights sleep like crazy. There is no way that I could put her down awake. At this point rocking to sleep isn't
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  • My DS is 5 weeks and we just started a routine. He usually starts to get pretty tired between 7 and 8pm, so when I start to see him rub his eyes, yawn, or getting fussy we start with a warm bath with J&J lavender bedtime bath, which calms him down ins
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  • DD would never ever fall asleep if I put her down drowsy. It worked for us for me to nurse her to sleep for a while, but eventually we did have sleep issues and had to sleep train. Nothing you can do to force them to fall asleep on their own at this age
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  • If your LO is sleeping 6-8 hours in a row, I would not change anything. Seriously. Don't mess with a good thing!


    (PS. I never managed to get DS1 down while he was drowsy until he was old enough to understand that we would come back i

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  • DS is a pretty easy baby and I'm very lucky I can put him down drowsy and he will fall asleep.

    DD was NOT like that. I had to nurse her to sleep or rock her for 9 months. Only took 2 days of sleep training to fall asleep on her own and now she's

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  • Right now the way it works is DS gets swaddled and is given a bottle. He will fall into a light sleep while drinking. I usually rock him while shushing for a few minutes and put him into his RnP. This usually wakes him up a little and I sit next to the Rn
  • Do what you are doing.

     DS never went down sleepy. EVER. If I set him down and he woke up, we had to start all over. He had to be passed out.

    DD is not like that. I feed her till she falls asleep, but she usually wakes up when I

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