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Nine weeks old and nursing!

So miracle ninja baby nursed yesterday. And all day today! I was pumping and he was laying on my lap on his back just kind of dozing. I leaned forward to detach my left breast and he reached up and latched onto my right! Wait, what?! How is this possible? I was told his high palate and tongue tie was keeping him from latching?! Well, he's trying. It's not pretty and hurts but he's getting milk and has been seeking my chest out all day. He even refused the bottle this morning and when I popped out a boob he was all over it! We need major practice and it seems to work best if I've pumped a while otherwise he chokes and nearly drowns. Any tips ladies? I want to get him to latch better but he's used to bottles. And how do I keep him from drowning?


My little miracle.

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Re: Nine weeks old and nursing!

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