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showering with baby

will someone please explain to me how you do this safely.  I have read several posts where people say they shower with their kiddo, but i feel like i would be a complete clumsy slippery mess.  So please explain - feel free to treat me like a child and explain step by step - i think this would be great if i could pull it off! please and thank you! 

Re: showering with baby

  • At first it was just holding him to my chest or cradling him in one arm, he wasn't very squirmy until recently, now I wear an old sports bra so that it's not totally skin to skin and slippery.

    I also sit down in the shower more often than not, s

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  • DH and I tag team it - one of us in the shower, one of us waiting outside with a towel and clean diaper. The outside one hands the baby to the one in the shower, who washes her off with Johnson and Johnson head to toe body wash. She does get slippery s

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  • Wear baby in a shower sling.
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  • I put her in her swing in the bathroom while I shower first, this gets the room nice and warm and steamy. Then I will get her out of the swing and undresses and bring her in with me. I just cradle her really tight against my chest with one hand grabbing h
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  • It's easier when my husband is home and I can hand her off to get dried afterwards, but it's still totally doable by myself.
    I strip baby down to a diaper and wrap in a blanket. I sit her in the bouncy chair in the bathroom and hop in the shower to

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