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Shortened Names or Nicknames

We are trying to make a decision on using a nickname and I am wondering what all of you ladies have been doing?

1) Do you call your child by a nickname?  (I mean a real name like Mike for Michael, not "cutie pie" or "sweetie")

2) Do you use the nickname all the time, or the full name and nickname interchangeably?

3) If you don't use a nickname, do you allow any family members to do so?  

We debated using the nickname Rhett for Everett, however it seems like we've been saying Everett way more.  Prior to his birth, I told immediate family we were considering calling him Rhett.  Now, my FIL has started using it all the time and his family has been sending cards and messages asking about "Ret," which drives me nuts because even if we did use that name we would spell it differently.  My mom was a big stickler about people calling my sister and I by our full names.  I know nicknames can happen later in life and there is nothing you can do about them, but that's high school/college time.  I'm debating whether I should start saying stuff about the use of the nickname or just let it slide.  I will of course, say something about the spelling.

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Re: Shortened Names or Nicknames

  • DD1 is Leah and that's what we call her.

    DD2 is Allison and we call her Ally. 

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  • When my husband and I were deciding on a name for our daughter, our number one factor was that we wanted a name that could not be shortened. I just wanted to avoid the confusion on which nickname to use and spelling, etc. If you like Everett, I would stic


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    When my husband and I were deciding on a name for our daughter, our number one factor was that we wanted a na
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  • DD1 is a double name and we use call her that about half the time.  The other half we shorten and just use her first name.  We are fine with others doing the same.

    DD2 goes by her given name and I do not want it shortened because the ni

  • We named our son Boden and will call him by his name, or intermittently call him Bo. Some people call him Bodi. The Bodi kinda bugs me, but my dad mainly calls him that so I can't help but leave that alone. It kinda melts my heart that my daddy has a n

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  • We named DD Alexandra, which a mouthful for everyday use.  We both like Alex as a nickname and have been calling her that, bu I'm concerned once she hits school that kids will make fun of her for having a boy's name.  So we've considered using A
  • I hardly ever use nicknames for people.

    1) DD1 is Rebecca and I pretty much never call her Becca or Becky, although DH sometimes does. It doesn't bother me either way. DD2 is Elizabeth and even though we "picked" the nickname Lizzy, I figure

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  • My Daughter is "Ceilidh" (pronounced Kaylee) and sometimes we call her just "C," but usually it's her full name.

    My Son is Elliott, and other than his sister calling him "Ellie"-- yes, the girl's name-- we call him by his name.  We co

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  • I have strong feelings about shortened versions of many names (e.g. I love William and even Will, but I do NOT like Bill or Billy) so we intentionally gave our children names that couldn't be shortened.  Control freak, party of one.
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  • DD's name is Elizabeth and we call her Libby. Pretty much everyone calls her that except people that don't know us well.
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  • My daughter is Amelia and her nickname is Mia. We call her by both names.
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  • I pretty much only use a shortened version of DS's name when I'm typing or writing because I'm lazy. I always call him by his full name. 
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  • We have a Gabriel (we usually call him Gabe), David (we usually call him David, but his brother calls him Dave), Grace (we call her Gracie) and Elizabeth (we call her Birdie, because that is what the kids called her while I was pregnant and we haven't

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  • LO is Nicklaus but I never call him that.  Of course, we're only a month in so I'm sure things will change, but for now I mostly call him Nicky or Nico.  DH is planning on calling him Klaus.

  • Dd is Anna. She does not have a nickname. If people call her Annie, they are corrected.
    Ds is Logan. I occasionally call him Logi, but I don't want other people to.
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  • Nicknames should evolve naturally...if you don't like it correct them. Sounds like he's more of an Everett to you...

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    I have strong feelings about shortened versions of many names e.g. I love William and even Will, but I do NOT like Bill
  • DS is Archer, and we call him Duchess. JK, we definitely do not :p No nick names for our son. A friend of my MIL tried to call him Archie, and my name is Edith, so that started a whole All in the Family "thing"... sigh. People are silly :p The bigger s

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  • We have a Nathan.  I call him Nathan and everyone else, including DH, calls him Nate.  So, we use both. 

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  • DS is Sebastian and that's what we call him. I will call him Seb if I'm posting about him on Facebook or writing a text/email about him, but never to his face. Occasionally I'll call him Bastian if time is of the essence, haha.

    DD is Violet.
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  • I always hated my full given name and much preferred to be called by my nickname. For that reason, I wanted to name our kids something where they wouldn't have to constantly correct people to call them by a nickname instead.

    If people want to gi

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  • DS is Nathan, but we call him Nate. We originally didn't want him to have a nickname, but after meeting him and seeing his personality Nate really fits.

    DD is Eleanor, Ellie for short. This is becuase she is named after DH's grandmother. DH di

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  • DD is Aislin Maisie (Aislin pronounced Ashlin. And yes, we knew most people wouldn't get it right the first time, but DH loved the name and nothing else would do.) We alternate between Aislin, Ash, Baby A, and Aisie-Maisie.. 

    Most of our fri

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