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Shortened Names or Nicknames

We are trying to make a decision on using a nickname and I am wondering what all of you ladies have been doing?

1) Do you call your child by a nickname?  (I mean a real name like Mike for Michael, not "cutie pie" or "sweetie")

2) Do you use the nickname all the time, or the full name and nickname interchangeably?

3) If you don't use a nickname, do you allow any family members to do so?  

We debated using the nickname Rhett for Everett, however it seems like we've been saying Everett way more.  Prior to his birth, I told immediate family we were considering calling him Rhett.  Now, my FIL has started using it all the time and his family has been sending cards and messages asking about "Ret," which drives me nuts because even if we did use that name we would spell it differently.  My mom was a big stickler about people calling my sister and I by our full names.  I know nicknames can happen later in life and there is nothing you can do about them, but that's high school/college time.  I'm debating whether I should start saying stuff about the use of the nickname or just let it slide.  I will of course, say something about the spelling.

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